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Northwest MedStar provides a wide array of outreach services, ranging from aircraft and landing zone safety to clinical education - even tours of our facility. Contact us to arrange any of the following services.  

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 Outreach Education Clinical Classes
  • Instructors and event speakers: available for regional conferences.
  • Helicopter safety training: provided free of charge to EMS agencies within our helicopter service areas. click here for calendar.
  • Clinical outreach education 
  • EMS Live@Nite  
  • Provider Chats 
  • INHS Health Training provides additional certification and continuing education opportunities for EMS and health care providers on-line, in the classroom and at your location, click to learn more.
    Exclusive Bonus for Northwest MedStar members: If you are an EMS or health care provider and a member of Northwest MedStar's membership program you can now receive10% off Health Training continuing education courses. Call Northwest MedStar's membership office at (855) 856-4687 for information about receiving the discount if you are a member. Click for information about joining the membership program.

Tours of the Northwest MedStar base: available by appointment only.




On-line LZ Training option
Be sure to check out our Landing Zone Safety course. If you need instructions to help you navigate the training, click here.
This educational module features video and photographs from on-scene landings and provides the information you need to keep yourself, the patient and the Northwest MedStar crew safe. The course includes detailed information on NW MedStar’s helicopters, indications for air transport, choosing, setting up and marking a safe landing zone, communicating with the pilot, assisting with loading and what to do in case of a hard landing. Using interactive slides you practice identifying the potential hazards at a scene and learn how to direct the helicopter to your location. There are review questions to answer in each section and an exam at the end. You can print out your final exam score to show proof of completion to your training officer and email NW MedStar your results. This way, we can send you a certificate of completion by email.
This new on-line course will help ensure that all ground EMS providers have access to valuable safety training, even if they are unable to attend one of NW MedStar’s helicopter safety classes in person.


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